Building a Start-Up from the Ground-Up/part5

I am very please to say, that with the help of a support team member at Host Gator, our website and eCommerce store is back on line, wow some of the early mistakes you can so easily make could be catastrophic to your on line business. I grew up in a time when you invented, developed, manufactured, and had your sales people take it to market. The only places for error was usually at your manufacturing end of things, human resources, equipment failure, scheduling etc. I am quickly learning that my manufacturing end is where things are the tightest, and my on line area is the most vulnerable area of our business. Especially without the affordability of professional IT, Web & eCommerce Designers, etc. When your business gets up to profitability, I would recommend and will be hiring these professionals, (Important, Important, Important), people for a healthy business all round. This is the dilemma I think a lot of us small start-ups go through in the beginning do you go into debt and hire professionals, and speed things up or do you stay focused on building a strong, no debt structure, you can work with down the road. For me its peace of mind, not worrying about to much debt, helps me stay focused on other things that need more of my attention even if it takes longer to build. If your a person where that, a little debt will not put to much stress on, your family, business members, and yourself, well I say just go for it. Just try to keep a good solid structure so you have a foundation later that you can work with if things do not work out in certain situations. Anyways we here at Otter Outfitters would like to wish you the best day possible. Luv Y all.

Kind Regards

Andrew R Thomson