About The Otter Outfitters Co.

TouchWood Brands Are Made From 100% Great Canadian Timber. We use Rain, Wind & Winter fallen Tree Branches in our production facility. My grandfather (George Thomson) called them WindFall and used them to heat their cottage style home, back in Scotland. We get approximately 5-15 disks when we cut the branches into 3/8″ thick disks on our commercial bandsaws. Once they are cut to the proper thickness they will be moved onto the next stage of sanding. We use industrial strength sanding belts & discs to sand out any of the saw marks or imperfections the wood may have incurred through, gathering, storage, handling & cutting. We then set our belts & discs to finer grades for the final finishing sand, which has to bring this fine Canadian Wood to a soft and silky smooth finish. I personally select each and every Wind-Fallen Tree Branch, for quality assurances, to use in our TouchWood product division.

Touch Wood Key-Chains are also made from the strongest metals possible for these applications, they are also nickel and brass plated for extra protection against the elements. They are spray coated with a marine lacquer to protect against minor scratches, water & UV damage. Touch Wood products will always fit your attire, no matter what the occasion. Touch Wood Key-Chains & Necklaces will give you a piece of Wood to Touch when you are in need, of a wee bit of Good Fortune. Each of these beautiful products are made from, 100% recyclable materials. So if and when they are no longer wanted, you can simply put them in your recycling bins.

I am lucky that I am able to be in the outdoors, (with the fresh air and critters). I enjoy selecting all the different tree branches that are needed for all the TouchWood brands. I like being able to work in the outdoors to help preserve Nature for the next generations that will follow, it is the most rewarding part of my Job.

We here at Otter Outfitters.com have the environment at the top of our agenda and will never stop looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint, when developing new products, for the consumer markets. The Touch Wood brand is so New and Trending, that you will be among the very few, that will have the bragging rights over them, for some time to come. Touch Wood Key-Chains, Necklaces, Pen Holders & Walking Staffs are fantastic for starting a good conversation with Family, Friends, and maybe even the odd Co-worker. We hope you enjoy your new purchases as much as we all enjoyed manufacturing it. We all here at OtterOutfitters.com would like to wish You, the Best Day Possible.

Andrew R. Thomson

Live & Let Live !
I consider myself a very giving person, especially of my time & knowledge.   If I’m going to help a family member or friends with a project, I enjoy getting their input, because it makes it so much more enjoyable. One of my greatest joys in life now is helping the people with special needs, and those that just need a helping hand to get back to where they want to be in their lives. I am a lover of animals of all kinds, I think it’s been our greatest gift from the powers to be, I just wish that money and greed wouldn’t have brought so many to the edge of extinction. I am a person that really enjoys being in the outdoors as much as possible. I thoroughly enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing relaxing by the firepit at night, all the while photographing nature as I find it. I only learned photography a few yrs back and never have enough time to photograph the things I would luv to shoot. I learned to enjoy wood carving, like different animals, (Birds & Whales) and especialy miniture Harley Davidson Motorcycles. I like carving and sanding the shapes into the Gas Tanks, Front & Rear Fenders I love putting as much detail as posible into them. It’s a very time consuming activety. I have always enjoyed building and fixing things with my hands. I learned home renovation and can never refuse to help out family and friends in need. I enjoy the inter workings of a business because they are full of challenges of all types. I have spent the better part of my life creating, designing, gathering all of the parts it takes to assemble new products. Learning photography help me with product photography for our websites and other platforms of media, that need photo’s to help tell the story of new products and future idea’s to come. Any how I think thats enough of me &
I would like to wish You all The Best Day Posible.