TouchWood-74 Brands

The Otter Outfitters Co.
Is bringing the Hottest Trending, Brand Name Products to the Canadian consumer for purchase:
TouchWood-74 Key-Chains   TouchWood-74 Necklaces   TouchWood-74 Walking & Hiking Staffs

TouchWood-74 Key-Chains, Necklaces and Candle Holders are made from the Best Canadian Timer available.
The principal behind our products are that you will always have a piece of Wood with you to Touch so as to always have a wee bit of Good Karma and Fortune with you no matter where Your Travels may take You.

TouchWood-74 products will always fit into your attire , no matter what the occasion is.
Each of these beautiful products are made out of 100% recyclable materials.

We here at Otter Outfitters Inc. have the environment in our mission Statement and will never stop looking for ways to improve our carbon foot print when developing new products for the consumer markets.

All of Our products are made from 100% Great Canadian Timber.  We use wind, rain and storm fallen Trees in our production facility.  My grandfather (George Thomson) called them Wind Fall and would use them to heat their family, cottage style home back home in Scotland. We get around 15-25 key-chains, or necklaces for each, fallen tree branches that we are able to use.